Air Over Water CD

Air Over Water CD

Air Over Water CD Cover

This Guided Meditation CD is expressly designed to fit your busy life.  For those times when you really need to ‘change channels’ in a hurry.

The First Track, ‘Take A Moment To Meditate’, is a seven minute settling, centering meditation.  Seven Minutes of Peace.

Track Two is a longer, more spacious Guided Gong Meditation.  These 2 tracks are designed to ‘flow together’, allowing you to linger for a full thirty minute experience of uplifting, centering peace.

At the end of your day, ‘Rest Well’, Track 3, guides you to lift your awareness as you slip into deep, restful sleep.

On Track 5, Rev. Dana chants her favorite Tibetan Buddhist chant, OM MANI PADME HUM.

Tracks 4 & 6 are completely instrumental ~ All Gong Tones ~ Gong Poems.  Put on ‘Pure Gong’ (Track 4) or ‘Gong Poem’ (Track 6) and hit ‘Repeat’.  You will have the lush, melodious overtones, and undertones, of these Sacred Temple Bowl Gongs wafting thru your Life

~ Aaahhhh . . . .  Quite A Peaceful Pleasure.

‘Air Over Water’ offers you different ‘ways’ and opportunities to meditate.  There are 3 distinct Guided Meditations, each with the deepening tones of ancient temple gongs.

Track 1 ~  “Take A Moment To Meditate” is a 7 minute retreat into rest and relaxation.  Give yourself a few moments to catch your breath ~ if you don’t do it for yourself, who will?  Settle into this moment now, center in your heart, slip between your thoughts, and feel yourself rejuvenate.

Track 2 ~  For a longer meditation, “Deep Grace, Fine Magic” allows you to treat yourself to a deeper state of peace and quiet joy ~ A More Spacious Rejuvenator.

Track 3 ~  As you drift to sleep, “Rest Well” guides your consciousness to ‘rest’ in a peaceful, enlightened state.

Track 5 ~  As Rev. Dana chants this sacred Tibetan Buddhist chant, OM MANI PADME HUM, join her with your voice or with your ears, allow this ancient spaciousness to pervade your being.

Track 4, “Pure Gong”, and Track 6, “Gong Poem” will each sooth and relax you with the pure, dimensional tones of ancient temple gongs.  No talking, just tones.  Enjoy the peace-filled vibrational environment created by the rich, soothing gong tones.  Choose “Pure Gong” or “Gong Poem “.  Hit ‘Repeat’.  All Gong, All the Time.

Aahhhhh  .  .  .

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