Love’s Spaciousness Conveyed CD

Love's Spaciousness Conveyed CD

Love’s Spaciousness Conveyed CD Cover

Gong & Flute Immersion.

Created in our Meditation, for your Meditation.

Pure Gong & Flute Poetry.   No Words.  Gong with flute ala mode.

Moving Thru Your Day or Sitting in Meditation ~ Give Yourself This Centering, Uplifting Gift of Gentle Peace.

Relax into this present moment.  Put distraction aside.  Disentangle yourself from over-think.  Free yourself from past concerns, or future anticipations.

Treat Yourself Like A Person You Like.

Lift your heart and mind.  Elevate your perspective.  Choose Love within your heart, within your mind ~ In A Whole New Way.

How can Love’s spaciousness be conveyed?   As you choose love, you bring out the most beautiful parts of your world.  That is Love’s true magic.

Join us on this remarkable journey.   Allow deep resonant gong tones and lilting flute to open doors in your heart that you did not even know were there.

‘Love’s Spaciousness Conveyed’ is 8 Tracks of Memorable, Mesmerizing, Mystical Music
1. Abundance Asana [4:35]
2. Scio [2:11]
3. Embracing [3:37]
4. Home [4:03]
5. Gong Goodness [4:53]
6. Gong & Flute Saturation [6:10]
7. Immersion Asana [20:23]
8. The Grounding Chord [3:29]

Hit ‘Repeat’.   Immerse yourself.  We certainly do!  Perhaps like us, you’ll be glad you do.


Healing is Your Journey From Unconscious to Conscious  ~  From Numb To Awake.  The Love That Heals is your enlightened companion as you travel your Path.  Allow your fear and self-imposed limitations to be transformed into creative miracles of Love.

Choose The Love That Heals within your Heart & Mind.  Hit ‘Repeat’ on that thought too!  Your Life will be Transformed.



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