Tapestry Of Healing Sound

Tapestry Of Healing Sound CD

Tapestry Of Healing Sound CD Cover

This CD offers you Gong Tones, Guided Meditation and Group Chanting.

Just like Meditation, Chanting is an experience.  Chanting disentangles you from ‘over-think,’ ~ allowing you to set distraction aside.   As you chant, your heart lifts, your mind elevates, and you release more fully into your Spiritual Self.

Allow yourself to open to and flow with the energy of the chant.  That’s the whole idea:

Chant and ‘see’ where it takes you!

To create this CD, Rev. Dana invited a group of friends into the recording studio.

Track 1, “Open To Your Sacred Vision”,  is a meditation she guided with them, with the deepening tones of ancient temple gongs.  The other 5 tracks are chanting.

Lift Your Voice With Ours As We Chant and Tone.   Relax into this present moment.  Chanting disentangles you from over-think, freeing your from your own “stinkin’ thinkin’.”

Allow these deep, ancient tones to pour thru you.

Chanting elevates your perspective, releasing you from self-imposed limitations, lifting your awareness.   Chanting Is An Experience.

The ‘Western mind’ finds chanting ‘foreign’, and can’t really ‘figure it out’.  There is nothing to figure out.  Just do it.  Give it to yourself.  Give yourself to it.   Chant without an agenda.  Chant for the chanting.  Chant and see where it takes you.

Chant without trying to direct it.  Allow the chant to show you the way.

Track 1:  Open To Your Sacred Vision

Track 2:  Toning ~ Sacred Sound

Track 3:  Om Mani Padme Hum:  Solo

Track 4:  Om Mani Padme Hum:  Group

Track 5:  Hare Krishna

Track 6:  Govinda Jiya Jiya

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