The Path Is Maylaigh CD

The Path Is Maylaigh CD

The Path Is Maylaigh CD Cover

This is a completely instrumental CD.

Join us on an aural journey.  Effortlessly, engage in the present moment, simply listening.

The deepening tones of ancient temple gongs dance with your attention, providing a graceful foundation for flute, guitar, chanting, and sax ~ Evoking A Deep, Peaceful Reverence Within.

In “The Path Is Maylaigh,” our mantra is the musical sound in each moment, encouraging you to relax and unwind.  The doorway opens to the now.  This unique journey is an interactive experience ~ follow the evocative tones as they move around the room.  This sense-ability is the process of ‘localization’.

Your ticket to ride is your agreement to simply listen.  Headphones provide optimal reward.

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