What Is ‘I’ CD

What Is 'I'? CD

What Is ‘I’? CD Cover

“Meditation 101 & Beyond”

This CD is a perfect tool to begin your exploration of meditation.  Two thirty minute Guided Meditations are included:  What Is ‘I’? & “Your Inner/ Higher Light”

Also very beneficial as you further your meditation practice.   Disentangle from concern.  Put chatter to rest.  Enter a peaceful place within.  Each of these meditations offers you an awakening excursion into your inner terrain.  Become more aware of the consciousness that inhabits you ~ that is you.  With the soothing, deepening tones of ancient temple gongs.

This CD offers you two 30 minute Guided Meditations, with the Soothing, Deepening Tones of Ancient Temple Gongs.

The title meditation, “What Is ‘I’?” guides you thru a process to realize that you are not your body, you are not your feelings, you are not your thoughts.  If you are not your body, nor your emotions, nor your thoughts, what remains is yourself as ‘I’ ~ What is ‘I’?

The second meditation, “Your Inner/Higher Light” offers you an opportunity to integrate your conscious awareness with your higher awareness.  Centered in this experience, you realize that your ‘inner’ light and your ‘higher’ light are not two lights, but one.

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