Aloha Dear Ones

You’ve found our New Year’s 2014 gift to you!  Yeah!  (I love it when intention manifests. One of Life’s real pleasures.)

We gift you as our way of saying ‘Thank you’.  Thank you for your friendship, thank you for your presence at our spiritual events, and thank you for your continued support of our work in the world.  Maylaigh is the Love That Heals, none other than Source Itself, and we are all about nurturing the truth that this Love is All There Is.  Life Itself is having Its way with us and we are delighted to surrender and just say yes.

You can choose to download one, two, three or all four gifts!  We encourage all to indulge and ascend.

Directions: To play the music file click on the ‘play arrow’ inside the music player.  To download the music file, click on the ‘play arrow’ inside the music player.  A download button appears inside the music player.  Left click on that and it will open a new browser window and begin playing the music file automatically.  Right click inside the music player in the new window and select “Save audio file as” and pick a location on your computer to store it.  Once you’ve got your own copy you can play it again and again at your leisure.

1. Air Over Water, Track 1 – a powerfully peaceful meditation for those on the go.  Too little time to reclaim your center during the work day?  Take a deep still breath with this little jewel!  This meditation is found on our Air Over Water CD featuring our very own Reverend Dana St.Claire – 7 minutes of deliciousness for the discerning soul.

2. Gongs, Surf, and Bird Song – recorded live at Mohala Akua.  Our ‘church’ is Mother Nature’s own creation, an oceanside sanctuary with a front row seat of endless blue ocean.  Before each Sunday Service we bless the land with bread crumbs for our feathered cousins and they bless our Service with their antics and their song.  10 minutes of soothing sounds from paradise.

3. Golden Triangle – a full length meditation and powerful spiritual tool for transformation.  The only way to transform this life is to transform the thoughts and beliefs we hold dear that create our subjective reality.  As we think, so it is!  The Golden Triangle connects us in imagination to our soul’s highest and best and links our spiritual self to our mental instrument and then to our physical reality.  If the truth of our being is we are already One, this visualization technique reminds us how we can bring that ideal state of being into our daily lives.  It works if you work it, as Dana and I have found out over the last 30+ years!  This tool is definitely one of our favorites!


4. Abundance Asana – studio produced gong and flute featuring Reverend Dana on gongs and her talented cousin Hal Fort Atkinson on flute.  Dear cousin Hal made his transition back to Source on Monday January 6, 2014.  We will miss you dear friend even as we hold you dear in our hearts and minds.  May all beings be blessed, we certainly are!



In this new year, 2014, we continue to expand our online offerings of meditation and teaching.  Meditation is the perfect tool for self exploration, the invisible self within consciousness.  Pay attention to the thoughts you claim are ‘you’.  Upgrade who you think you are. The truth of our spiritual self is we are all that one Universal I Am but we can’t enjoy it until we believe it…  Simple, but not easy!