Healing with Maylaigh

It is not necessary for you to believe in God for Divine Love to Heal, any more than it is necessary for you to believe in gravity to keep your feet on the ground.

Hawaiian Sunset

God is Love; God’s Love heals.

Whatever ails you, consciously invite Love into and through your body, your heart, and mind, and give permission to Love to heal you.  Imagine Love as an angel of molten gold radiant with Spiritual Light.  Let her pour into and through you, God’s Love That Heals, bubbling up from the center of your being where God’s presence is found.  Imagine you can feel God’s Love inside you pouring out through you into your world, into your past, and into your future.  And in this moment now, feel yourself loving God back.  Don’t be shy, pretending to be small and insignificant.  Love God back with all your heart, your mind, and your strength.

You are a beloved child of the Creator!  It is God’s great pleasure to give you everything you think you want.  If when you get it, you find you don’t like it, refine your choice and ask again.  Eternity is the canvas upon which we paint our choices.

This is Imagination Yoga.  You imagine being that which you want to become.  You embrace it so completely in thought and deed that you become one with it.  And all it takes is practice, practice, practice.

If you’ve spent years (unconsciously) making a mess of things, are you willing to give yourself time to consciously straighten them out?  Is it even worth the effort?  In our experience absolutely yes, but then this is all about you and your life.  Love can do nothing until you welcome It inside.

Blessings, Reverend Scott