Tapestry Of Healing Sound

This CD offers you Gong Tones, Guided Meditation and Group Chanting. Just like Meditation, Chanting is an experience. Chanting disentangles you from ‘over-think,’ ~ allowing you to set distraction aside. As you chant, your heart lifts, your mind elevates, and you release more fully into your Spiritual Self. Allow yourself to open to and flow with the energy of the chant. That’s the whole idea:
Chant and ‘see’ where it takes you!

What Is ‘I’ CD

“Meditation 101 & Beyond”

This CD is a perfect tool to begin your exploration of meditation. Two thirty minute Guided Meditations are included: What Is ‘I’? & “Your Inner/ Higher Light”

Love’s Spaciousness Conveyed CD

‘Love’s Spaciousness Conveyed’ is 8 Tracks of Memorable, Mesmerizing, Mystical Music. Lift your heart and mind. Elevate your perspective. Choose Love within your heart, within your mind ~ In A Whole New Way. Join us on this remarkable journey. Allow deep resonant gong tones and lilting flute to open doors in your heart that you did not even know were there.

The Path Is Maylaigh CD

Join us on an aural journey with this incredible instrumental CD. Effortlessly engage in the present moment, simply listening. The deepening tones of ancient temple gongs dance with your attention, providing a graceful foundation for flute, guitar, chanting and sax ~ evoking a deep, peaceful reverence within.

Healing With Maylaigh CD

Healing is Your Journey From Unconscious to Conscious ~ From Numb To Awake. As you walk your Path, ‘Healing With Maylaigh’ is a wise & loving companion. This CD offers you a juicy assortment of multi-dimensional ways to open your awareness to your own inner healing. The entire text of the Guided Meditation, ‘I Choose To Heal’, is printed on the inside pages ~ use this as serves you best.

Air Over Water CD

This Guided Meditation CD is expressly designed to fit your busy life. For those times when you really need to ‘change channels’ in a hurry ‘Air Over Water’ offers you different ‘ways’ and opportunities to meditate. There are 3 distinct Guided Meditations, each with the deepening tones of ancient temple gongs. ~ Aaahhhh . . . . Quite A Peaceful Pleasure.

Abundant Maylaigh CD

This insightful CD offers you 3 Guided Meditations ~ ‘Abundant Self-Kindness’ ~ ‘Listening To Your Abundance’ ~ ‘A Golden Alignment’ ~ each graced with the deepening, lyrical tones of Gong and Flute.