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Welcome to my Enrollment Tools Resource for ManKind Project Hawaii.  Here you will find the tools I create that I can’t email through MKP Connect (files are too big apparently.)  So instead I will send links to this page as I create new ways of bringing men and women to ManKind Project Hawaii.  Thanks for showing up!

To be honest, these are not just tools for bringing men into your I Group or our New Warrior Training Adventure.  My goal and gold is to empower you to remember you are already perfect, whole, and complete.  Don’t believe me?  Your inner king is certainly perfect just the way you are.  Drop in and check him out – he holds the template and vision of who we want to be in this life.  The ‘who-we-believe-we-are’ story is the one we can challenge and  change every week in I-Group, and we should, because that story is literally the only thing holding us back from feeling like kings in this world!

My latest and greatest contribution to living my mission is an audio file I recorded to help our MKP brothers to speak freely and confidently about ManKind Project Hawaii.  I call it “Embodying My King”.  The short story is this is a visualization I use to set my intention for the day.  I offer it to those men in the community who have reached out to me in the past for just such help.  May it serve you as well as it serves me!

The second audio file is decidedly more spiritual in my judgment.

If you want download a copy, click on the play button and then click on the download link that appears inside the graphic.  Save it to your computer like you do any file.  Enjoy.

Scott Larson
Enrollment Coordinator, MKP Hawaii

Embodying My King

Intuit Your Invitation


Life is a gift