Maylaigh Ministries Sunday Meditation


Mohala Akua –

Blossoming God  ~  Revealed with Clarity

Sunday Morning  8:30am – 9:30am

You are welcome to join us

at Pu’uhonua o Honaunau     The City of Refuge Picnic Area


Listen now ~ or download ~ our Sunday Meditation using the audio player below.

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Draw a deep, centering breath . . . Begin to relax  . . .  (you’ll be glad you do)

You are immersed in a soothing symphony of Nature, the music of the ocean, bird song, and rich, vibrant gong tones.

Relax.  Let go.  Settle in.  There is time . . .

Scott’s voice gently begins to guide you in meditation . . .

Headphones, of course, make the rich undertones and ocean song more nuanced ~ not a ‘requirement’, more a deepening delight.

City of Refuge

You are welcome to join us any Sunday

Please bring your own chair

Below you will find directions to the picnic area & a description of Mohala Akua.

If you are not able to join us in person you may submit your request for prayer below.

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(You will see this lovely flyer says ‘8:45-9:15’, we actually meet from 8:30 to 9:30 ~ what with shmoosing and all.)

Mohala Akua Prayer Circle

What We Do Every Sunday Morning

City of Refuge Picnic Areae Prayer is conversation with God. If meditation is receiving God consciousness into our human  awareness, prayer is ‘planting’ our dreams and desires into God’s awareness. Prayer is linking our creative desire to God’s infinite power, welcoming the divine as our partner in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

It is written in our most sacred texts that we are to “ask (God) and it shall be given.” I’m a skeptic, an intrigued skeptic, but I’ve got to see it before I can believe it. So I’ve been testing the truth of “ask and receive” for decades and all I can say, with confidence born of my own experience, is “so far so good!” No, not all of my prayers have been answered, yet, and yes some that were answered didn’t turn out as I intended, but after thirty years of experimentation, I know intimately the power in prayer.

God is and forever shall be a Mystery. Why this Mystery loves us so I do not understand but my visions all reveal the same unconditionally loving intelligence at work in the universe gifting all sentient beings with Life, Love, and Liberty. What we choose to do with these gifts is how we channel God’s creative power.

Prayer is a time to be vulnerable to God. It is a time to expect miracles, the gift of our desires fulfilled. As Dr. Ernest Holmes practiced in his spiritual mind treatments, prayer is directing the power of God into this life to fulfill our need.  I find Holmes’ four steps of scientific prayer most powerful and effective so we use our own variation of spiritual mind treatment in our Sunday morning Mohala Akua.

What will you experience if you sit with us Sunday morning?  Imagine sitting in sacred space, closing your eyes, quieting your mind and heart, and welcoming into your awareness the vast unconditionally loving goodness that is our Universal God. Sit with this energy in mind for a minute and you can begin to feel its effects on your awareness. Shift your mind’s eye to the center of your being and ‘see’ there the spark of the Infinite upon the altar of your soul. The essence of your “I AM”, your pure self awareness, this is the spark of the Universal God that is our ticket to eternity. ‘See’ the awesome power of the Infinite pouring into your life through this portal at the center of your being and let yourself feel the Oneness. This is the key to effective prayer treatments, knowing you are intimately one with God’s creative power. Now you are ready to ask.

After you’ve asked, let God be God. Surrender your expectations, your desires, and especially your time table and simply feel again and again, “Thank You God.”

The greatest challenge to seeing our prayers made real is the negative and self limiting thoughts that plague the human mind. This is our work during the week, while God is busy being God, to continue to remind ourselves that God is the only power and presence in creation and that the more we fill our awareness with this truth the easier it is to turn off the voices of fear and anxiety that dominate our thoughts.

Directions to the Picnic Area

Highway 11 South to mile marker 104 (appx).  Turn west onto Highway 160 to the Park entrance (appx 4 miles).  Access road to the picnic area is located at the western end of the paved parking lot.  Follow the gravel road for half a mile and you’ll find us gathering in the shade of a kiawe tree.  Look for our champagne color PT Cruiser ~ or ~ Scott’s dark blue truck with camper shell ~ or ~ us setting up the Gong Altar.

To access Google maps to this location click here

Map to City of Refuge

Expect to pay an entrance fee of $5 per car.  We support this national park by purchasing an annual pass for only $25.  (Your annual pass gets you into Volcano National Park too.)  If there is no park ranger on duty at the Ranger Kiosk they put a sign in the window that reads, “Please pass thru”.