Monday Meditations

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Experience The Love That Heals

Give Love Permission To Have It’s Healing Way In You

Let Love In   Let Love Win

Golden Heart Circle

Join us for a unique group meditation that inspires and uplifts.

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Every Monday evening we sit in meditation and immerse ourselves in the deepening sounds of temple gongs.  Turning our attention within, we invite The Love That Heals into our conscious awareness.  The inner journey that follows is all about experiencing Love in a whole new way.

Meditating with Maylaigh uplifts our human awareness.  Within our thoughts we create our personal heaven or hell.  The more we practice loving ourselves, the happier, healthier, and wealthier we become.  Happiness, health, and wealth are symptoms of inner peace!

Life is ruled by the stories we tell only to ourselves.  In the darkness within, in those places we will not look, lies our personal power bound to past pain and suffering, chained to lack and limit.  The Love That Heals can Love what we can’t yet.  It is Love that sets us free.

Don’t leave this incarnation, turn and say, “Darn, I meant to be happy!”  Learn to love your self in a whole new way with each new day.  You can exercise with us every Monday!

Dune Life can feel one way…

…or another

It’s an inside job



Your Are a Miracle