Reverend Scott Larson

Blessings To All Beings!

“God is being all the god, God is ever going to be, right here and right now.”

How can it be otherwise?  If God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, then God is being God all the time.  It is not the Divine that evolves; it is our perception of the Divine that evolves.

Throughout time, many men and women have enjoyed an intimate relationship with the Divine, one that transcends the limited human understanding taught the world’s children.  It is this experience that fascinates me.  God is the only power and presence in creation, yet still available for an intimate, one-on-one friendship with any and all who so desire.

At the core of our awareness, the center of our consciousness, is the presence of God—our own immortal I Am.  In this way God is all of creation yet more than creation, immanent and transcendent.  The thoughts, feelings, and experiences that each of us has are directly experienced by God.  We are hard-wired as one.

True bliss arrives when we remember we are already one; when we feel it within our consciousness.

This is the key to happiness in this world.  If you would live the best life has to offer, seek the Divine presence within you and be prepared for the greatest adventure Earth has to offer the beloved children of God.

Love God back, it will blow your mind!

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