Spiritual FAQ’s

What good is God anyway?
Which God should I believe in?
Does God really care about me?
Where is all this going and are we there yet?

Reverend Scott

“Today’s choices are the seeds of tomorrow’s harvest.”

I love this question because for me it lies at the heart of my experience; the presence of God makes life better!
We are complex beings and there are no simple answers to finding our way to a happy life.  Only ongoing challenges for each and every one of us.  And while the external details of those challenges differ, the inner experience is surprisingly the same.  We are all required to grow beyond who we think we are.
My spiritual experiences have revealed to me that God is love.  When I focus on God’s love (I visualize a molten golden light pouring from the heart of God into and through me and into my life), I can lift myself out of feeling inner fear and disharmony and into feeling heaven on Earth.  When I refuse the temptation to daydream about everything that might go wrong, everything appears to go right.
“Ignoring the voice of inner doubt and fear is our greatest challenge to living a happy, fulfilling life.”  Practice, practice, practice, its definitely worth the (mental) exercise!

There is only One: One for each of us.
One God uniquely experienced by every person in creation! One God that appears infinitely different because no two people are alike.
God is One, and yet we each perceive God differently. Some look and see nothing there; God does not object. Others look and see a stern, bearded old man in robes; God shows no favoritism. Still others cry at the beauty of the setting sun; God is quietly delighted.
From God’s point of view, this is all just one big eternal playground. God does not need our love, rather we need to feel God’s. God is already loving creation as much as God is ever going to love us. Love God back, complete the ‘Spiritual Circuit’, that’s when miracles happen!

Absolutely! The trick is to feel that love when you need it.
God is being all the god, God is ever going to be, right here and right now. If you want more God in your life, you have to find the place within your conscious (or unconscious) awareness where you push God away, where you hold God outside. God will always enter when invited, it is the nature of Love to become one again with the spark of Itself deep at the center of our being. And no pain, no illness, no fear can long remain unhealed in the presence of Perfect Love.
Touch Love Within And Everywhere You Are, You Bring A Little Peace Of Heaven To Earth

Ever wonder how God planned to keep his kids from feeling bored for all eternity? Surprise, this is it!