The Story of Maylaigh

At a meditation retreat Scott & I attended in May, 1984, each person, in turn, deepened into meditation, and the others asked them questions. The intent was for the meditator to be still and listen. Steer beyond the immeditate, knee-jerk “I know!” chatter from the intellect (which likes to think it has all the answers). Rather than answering with the first thing that popped up, the meditator was encouraged to deepen into a place of stillness and allow the response to reveal itself.

When it was my turn in deep meditation, a woman in the group asked,

“What is Humanity’s next step in Soul growth?”

In my head I thought, “Oh, that’s real light-weight … like I would know … is she kidding?!” Despite my mental chatter, I continued to sit, quieting, settling. After several minutes, from a deep, still place came,

“Humanity needs a new word for The Love That Heals.”

“Whoa,” I remember thinking, “that’s good.” Speaking the response aloud, I relaxed, thinking that was ‘it’.

The same woman asked, “What is that word?”

“Well, if I knew . . . ,” I thought, a little exasperated, “Geez …” I continued to sit, reaching into the stillness. Receptive.

A merry-go-round appeared in my head. As it went around, I noticed that instead of horses riding up & down, there were letters. I spelled what I saw: “M-A-Y-L-A-I-G-H.”

Then she asked, “How do you pronounce it?”

Exasperated again, I thought, “If I knew how to pronounce it … !”

Again, I settle. Exasperation lets go. I listen. Quietly, I hear may-lay-with a very soft ‘k’ sound at the end. I speak it aloud, “Maylaigh.” (May lay’ ikh)

Maylaigh is a new word for The Love That Heals.

The quality, the timbre of the experience touched me deeply.

I knew I had been given an incredible gift.

In my early 20’s, I was drawn to, “Give me knowledge of the Law of Love.” There is a Law of Love? Like the Law of Gravity? Where do I go to acquire such knowledge? It turns out the ‘school’ for learning about Love is your own Life.

Since that fateful day in 1984, Scott & I have explored, exercised and opened to the cleansing, balancing, awakening force of Maylaigh in our lives. In the busy midst of it all, the many ‘activities of daily living’, the frustration and the laughter, when we remember, when we are able, we give The Love That Heals space in this moment, too.

Choice.   Exercise.   Choosing to Exercise.   Exercising emotional muscles.  Choosing Love.

Maylaigh is a new word that means The Love That Heals ~ specifically that love.

Why a new word? Why a new word for The Love That Heals?

The eskimos have 46 words for snow. We have one word, “Love” that covers multiple diverse emotional states ranging from, “I love your shoes!” to “I love you, therefore you will do everything I want you to, because I love you.”

We are not talking about parental love, and certainly not the roller-coaster of romantic love. We are talking about Healing Love. Having a specific word, Maylaigh, to mean The Love That Heals allows us to focus on that particular force of nature ~ that specific divine element ~ that state of dimensional human awareness.

We can talk about The Love That Heals ~ we have a word for it. As a new word, Maylaigh can mean The Love That Heals in every language. A person from Scotland could say “Maylaigh” to a person from Pakistan, and they would both know they are speaking of The Love That Heals.

Using this new word, Maylaigh, allows humankind, each in our own way, to focus on that Healing Love ~ specifically, with intention. Turning your attention to The Love That Heals energizes it within your Life, allowing it to do its Life-transforming work.

As you begin, within yourself, to actively work with The Love That Heals, one thing that will happen in your awareness is coming to all that is not love. It will be perplexing … sometimes devastating. The pain and confusion will certainly be captivating. Many people believe that is all there is to Life ~ a short-sighted and disturbing reality.

The most worthy thing you can do for yourself is to get over being triggered by it. It just is. Part of the paradox. You see it. It may twang you. That doesn’t mean you have to mambo with it. As you get over being triggered by the ridiculous stuff, you can observe it, see what’s yours, what is not, and let it go.

You begin to allow your awareness to make different choices ~ ultimately, transforming to reveal the latent, hidden Glorious You at the core of it all.

At our very core, what are we humans becoming? Hopefully, we are growing up … maturing. It is the heart that seeks to heal, not hurt, that we are evolving to.