Thank You for Feeding My Soul

“Dana St.Claire’s peaceful and loving energy permeates any room she enters and is palpable to those in her presence.  Rev. Dana walks her talk!  She is a role model to me, as a person who consciously and sincerely moves with love through most of her experiences.  She is a goddess, and she is a human.”

Tori P.,  Portland, Oregon

From Fellow New Thought Ministers …

“As we approach a New Era in human understanding, there are few Light Workers who just “get it”.
Rev. Dana St. Claire is one of those precious few and her High Consciousness rings through the tones of the sacred gongs.   To be in the vibration of her High Service, is a gift that life brings to all who have the opportunity to receive.   Give yourself the gift of time with the Rev. Dana St. Claire!”

Dr. Harry Morgan Moses
Burbank, California

“For the last four years, it has been our privilege to have Maylaigh Ministries, specifically Rev. Dana St. Claire, as a seasonal presenter at our Wednesday Night Live service four times a year.

Her message is delivered in a beautifully articulate manner, including the use of the Tibetan bowls, guided meditation, and chanting. She has a particular following from our church and the community as a whole because of her endearing way. 

We highly recommend your having your own unique experience of her message, and of her personally.”

Rev. Dr. Maureen Hoyt
The Granada Hills Center for Spiritual Living
Granada Hills, California      

“Our spiritual community was fragmented following the loss of our previous minister. Through her meditation retreats, Rev. Dana St. Claire has helped our community energetically align and move forward.  Her meditation retreats help us to open to the presence of God within and to deepen our connection with God.   Nothing compares to sitting with Rev. Dana and those wonderful Tibetan singing bowls.”

Rev. Dr. Tina Fox
Santa Clarita Center for Spiritual Living
Santa Clarita, California

Thank You for Helping Me On My Journey

“Dearest Dana,   Thank you for the gift of you. 

I am just moved to tears by my gratefulness for our friendship.   Thank you for honoring and recognizing me!  It is a true gift and gives me much hope.   Love conquers all.  Peace is for everyone.  Hope is shared by friends.

Grace M.-J.
Portland, Oregon

“My Dear Dana ~   I have felt your spirit with me so frequently and strongly over the last several weeks.  I have been so grateful to feel your calm, centered and loving energy.  I am enveloped in your warmth.  Thank you, thank you … I am blessed by your generous, loving, empowering gift!

Life has been very, very, very full, and keeps me testing my ability to keep breathing.  Like every person on earth, this is a time of tremendous change and opportunity for me.  Thank you for your constant love and encouragement!

Tori P.
Portland, Oregon

“My association with Dana has made a profound difference in my life.

In 1996, after loosing my husband and returning to Portland, starting a new life was quite a challenge.  A friend invited me to a 6 week meditation and healing class directed by Dana St.Claire.  This was all new to me, but I was grasping for something.  This 6 weeks changed my whole thinking on my life.  It really gave me something to hang on to.

I found the meditations so moving that I felt I was having an out-of-body experience.

I have had several connections with Dana over the years.  Each time her impact has been very dramatic.

We used to say we needed a ‘Dana fix’ when things seemed to be falling apart.

Dana means so much to me as a teacher and a friend.

I truly feel that anyone would benefit from Dana’s meditations as long as they are open and willing to open their heart and mind.  It will be a life changing experience.  I guarantee it.

Anne M.
aka ‘Cupcake’
Portland, Oregon

“Dear Dana,

Through your meditation groups I have learned to be in touch with my inner spirit and trust my heart’s intuition. 

I so appreciate your insight into the beauty of my soul, and helping me live in the moment, especially during our women’s retreats at the Coast. 

When I think of you, Dana, I think of your warm, comforting, soul-enveloping wrapping me in your arms. 

You reach out to all women, and we are all fortunate to be in your aura ~ an aura that reverberates out to the world, as in the sound of the gongs, the sound of peace and empowerment.  

I feel empowered as a woman when I am in your presence.  You help me see my true self, and love it!”

Love Always,
Mary H.
Portland, Oregon

“Dear Rev Dana

So wonderful to see you.  I adore spending time with you.  As always I walk away from our ‘play dates’ renewed and glowing.  You are so very special and I feel so fortunate to spend time with you. ”

Thank you
Shannan  P.
Los Angeles, CA

“Hello Beautiful Dana ~

Thinking of you with lots of love today and everyday.

I am taking my senior capstone at PSU.  My class is ‘The Spirituality of Being Awake’.  Imagine a college class on waking up in a sleepy world!  In the class, we are reflecting on images that represent our spirituality and guess what … a lot of it is You!!!  Your cards!  Your voice!  You playing the gongs.

You believed in me when I did not believe in myself.  You helped me begin the journey to where I am now!  I am happy and full of grace!  Thank you for your beautiful gift of love.

Thanks for Maylaigh.”

Heaven W.
Portland, Oregon

Dana,   I am incredibly grateful for the many gifts you gave me during the time we were in each other’s physical presence.  I know your spirit is always close by and easily brought forth.

Thank you for helping me on my journey during a truly challenging time in my life.  

You are one of the main reasons I am doing so well now. ”

Much love and joy,
Carol C.
Los Angeles, CA

“I began attending your meditation classes at Spiritworks in Burbank during the summer of 2007.  It was a painful time for me.  I was experiencing enormous difficulties in all areas of my life—including the end of my marriage and the loss of my career.

Slowly but surely, as I meditated every month with you and listened to the beautiful and haunting sound of the gongs, a thought occured to me . . . I needed to FORGIVE!

I realized, through meditation, prayer and your inspirational words, that my life was at a painful standstill because I hadn’t yet learned how to forgive.

Rev Dana…..by listening to your inspirational lectures and APPLYING the wisdom you shared with all of us at Spiritworks, I began to see light at the end of the tunnel!  I started taking spiritual “baby steps” . . . but those steps have led me into an emotional vortex of joy and happiness that I haven’t felt for many years.

Your meditation techniques are refreshing and easy to apply.

And your words of wisdom were icing on the cake!

Needless to say, the gongs are fantastic.

Your kindness and love for us at Spiritworks will always be remembered and appreciated. We still talk about you and miss you.

I have a special appreciation for you because you led me from an emotionally dark place into the light.  You helped me realize and admit my biggest mistake, which was refusing to forgive and holding onto grudges and negative feelings.  You taught me, through meditation, to forgive and move on with my life.  You taught me to let go of my “misery” and create a new life for myself. I’ll always appreciate your kindness and wisdom.

Enjoy your new life in Hawaii, but please come back to Burbank to visit us occasionally!

You are loved and you’ll always be in our hearts.

You truly are a beautiful teacher of meditation. And meditation is how we get in touch with our Higher Power.”

Patricia N.S.
Burbank, CA

Guided Meditation Events

“My very first experience meditating with Dana and her bowl gongs enabled me to break through barriers and reach a deeper meditative state than I’d ever experienced before.”

Tori P.
Portland, Oregon

“Meditation with Dana St.Claire has helped me deepen and enrich my relationship with the Divine within.  Group meditation has helped me grow and nurture my peace of mind, peace in my body and peace in my emotions.  These are the riches that extend from material reality into the invisible realms; from life into death.  You can take it with you.

Being in a group of spiritually-minded women expands my faith in humanity and helps me feel more optimistic for the human race, on a daily basis.  I have found that sharing life’s challenges and triumphs in a group, taught me to learn from others’ experiences rather than having to make so many of my own ‘mistakes’.

Dana understands the awesome power of the word, and uses it with wisdom and kindness which is a balm to frazzled nerves.  I have learned to speak more lovingly to myself, as well as others, as a result of weekly meditation with Dana.

During this time of walking between the worlds, group meditation can help us refocus our intent to anchor love and light and peace.  Human beings are blessed/cursed with emotions that can turn on a dime, so one minute you are feeling centered and in harmony with your life and you world, and the next minute you are furious with a crazy driver.  Meditation teaches you to have more control over your emotions and choose your state, rather than be a victim of your feelings.

This is a time when we all have an opportunity to recognize, and own, our own power and become a broadcasting station for peace in our communities.  Peace always begins at home, in your own heart, and meditation can facilitate and strengthen the experience.

Many Blessings!”

Love and Light,
Maureen H.
Portland, Oregon

“Thank you Dana & Scott; for creating such a wonderful sanctuary and all your support.  It works!”

Sharon A.
Toluca Lake, California

“rev dana

i want to thank you for a really really wonderful evening   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   its was soft, lovely and quite profound

i thought you were talking to me all you included was stuff that could have pertained to my life at the moment and i thought how did she know

has she been peeking  so cool to be so right on whats on the plate with one is the same as many or the whole so cool thanks so much for the treat that it was  i’m so glad i was there…………..

love ya
casey c.
Burbank, California