The Wedding Words

centerpiece‘The Wedding Words’ is a resource of words ~ lovely & meaningful words ~ for you to choose from to create your own unique & memorable Wedding Ceremony.  Over Rev. Dana’s 20 years as a Wedding Celebrant, she has written & compiled phrases of love, acknowledgement & celebration which are put together here, in a treasure chest of possibilities.  The focus is on the goodness the two of you have found with one another, and taking good care of your relationship.  The ‘tone’ of ‘The Wedding Words’ is more spiritual than religious.

When you choose either Rev Scott or Rev Dana to be your Celebrant, you receive ‘The Wedding Words’ and are encouraged to “pick out the parts you like the best.”  You choose what is said to create your own Ceremony ~ but instead of starting at ‘square 1’, ‘The Wedding Words’ make it like you are starting at ‘square 31’.

The parts you choose are woven into your own unique Ceremony.  You may use parts of ‘The Wedding Words’ as a ‘launch-pad’ for thoughts & ideas ~ choose &/or change the wording to suit you.  If you see a passage, and think, “Oh, that’s nice, but I would say it this way.”  Then, let’s say it the way that says it for you.  Feel free to add material from other sources.  In no way are you limited to just this treasure chest.   Explore.  Create.  We encourage you to include the words & rituals that feel ‘just right’ to you.

There are 8 different ‘chapters’ in “The Wedding Words”

  1. ‘The Main Ceremony’ ~  An  example of how your Wedding Ceremony could flow.  The Ceremony begins with a brief Welcome, and the Groom receives his Bride’s hand.  Then, if you’d like, I can suggest that your guests take a moment to relax, take a deep breath, and as they slowly exhale, allow their sense of busy-ness to fade away.  I let your guests know that it is a blessing to your Wedding that they are there.  This ‘Relaxation’ is also a good moment for the two of you to take a deep, centering breath, allowing you to be ‘present’ as you, together, cross this significant threshold in your Life.At this point you could also have ‘An Opening Prayer’ ~ either in addition to, or instead of, the Relaxation.  Or, another possibility is a ‘Blessing of The Four Directions’, from the Native American traditions.
  2. ‘Additional Words’ ~  The flow of Wedding Words continues ~ more ideas and possibilities.  Choose the parts you like.
  3. ‘Five ‘Complete’ Ceremonies’ ~  These are 5 different ceremonies that can be used ‘as is’, or pieces can be chosen and matched with other words.
  4. ‘Vows & Rings’ ~ Lovely words to describe the significance of your wedding rings, as well as different choices to bless your rings.  And, many different vows to choose from.Your vows can be affirmed one of three ways:
    a. The Traditional Form  ~  I state your promises & vows, you respond by saying, “I do.”
    b. Line By Line  ~  I state a vow, you affirm the vow after me to your beloved.  Actually speaking your vows has power.  This way, I speak loudly enough for your guests to hear, you 2 can simply speak to each other.
    c. You write what you want to say to each other on a piece of paper and read your vows to one another.

    I, personally, do not recommend memorization.

  5. ‘Wedding Readings’  ~  Would you like to honor someone, your father, an uncle or a close friend, by asking them to do a reading at your Wedding?  Here is a variety of readings from which to choose  ~  including, ‘First Corinthians’ (“Love is patient, Love is kind . . .”), Walt Whitman, Elizabeth Barrett Browning,  Rumi and Kahlil Gibran.
  6. ‘Symbolic Ceremonies’  ~  A Special Ceremony within your Ceremony.  You & your Beloved can light The Unity Candle, or share of A Common Cup, celebrate the Ceremony of The Red Rose,  or create a Symbolic Ceremony uniquely your own.
  7. ‘Closing & Benediction’  ~  Lovely words and blessings to bring your Wedding Ceremony to a close, and send you from this good beginning of your married life into the Life you are creating together.
  8. ‘Including Children’  ~  Blending families, acknowledging children, here are many different suggestions, some very simple, some more elaborate, to include your children in your Wedding Ceremony.

Rev Scott & Rev Dana are also happy to come with a pre-written Ceremony, if that works better for you.  When that is the case, you are asked questions to personalize your Ceremony, such as which way you would like to do your vows, and whether or not you would like prayers or blessings included.

After the initial phone conversation, here is how we will proceed:  (Unless you are a ‘Last Minute Ceremony’)

Step One ~ Make an appointment to meet.

At this meeting we will talk about your Wedding plans and show you ‘The Wedding Words’.  If at this time you are sure you would like one of us to perform your Ceremony…

Step Two ~ We receive a $100 deposit.

Upon receipt of deposit, you receive your copy of ‘The Wedding Words’, via email.  After we meet, if you would like more time to consider your decision, you can get back to us and let us know.  When we receive your deposit, confirming our service and setting your date on our schedule, we will send you ‘The Wedding Words’.

Step Three ~ You read ‘The Wedding Words’ and choose the parts you like the best.

We are willing to be as much or as little a part of this process as serves you best.  You are welcome to call or email and ask us questions.  If it would be helpful to you, we can meet again to go over possibilities, or chat on the phone.

Step Four ~ You send us the ‘first draft’ of your Ceremony.

This is approximately 2 weeks before your Wedding, so we have time to fine tune things.  If you are uncertain about how the pieces fit together, or if you have an idea that you want to fit in your Ceremony, we are happy to ‘wedding-ize’ things for you.

Step Five ~ Your Wedding Rehearsal.

If your Wedding Party includes more than a Maid of Honor and Best Man, it is a good idea to have a Rehearsal.  We like to participate in the Rehearsal (schedule permitting).  This is when it all really ‘comes together’.

Step Six ~ The Big Day!  (Already!)

I generally arrive a half hour before your Ceremony is scheduled to begin.  Your Ceremony is printed out as my ‘script’ ~ this is your copy to keep.

Step Seven ~ Your marriage license paperwork.

After your marriage license is signed by me, your witnesses, and yourselves, I am the person who returns the document to the County Clerk.  At this time you will also submit a request for a certified copy of your marriage license.

May You Be Blessed Every Step of Your Path
By This Love That You Share
May the Miracle of This Marriage Uplift Your Well Being
And Fill Your Days With Happiness