Wedding Ceremony

Your Wedding, Your Way

Wedding Ceremony


Top 10 Reasons to choose ‘A Beautiful Ceremony’

10.   You have a choice between a woman or a man minister to perform your Ceremony.
9.   Rev Scott & Rev Dana are each pleasant to work with, calm, insightful and fun.
8.   They help you create your own Ceremony with ‘The Wedding Words’.
7.   ‘The Wedding Words’ are really great.
6.   Rev Dana & Rev Scott want to help you create a Ceremony that really hums for the 2 of you.
5.   They each have many years of experience performing Ceremonies.
4.   The focus is on the goodness the 2 of you have found with each other.
3.   Their Ceremonies are Spiritual, not Religious.
2.   They will not use your Wedding to expound upon their particular religious agenda.
1.   This is “Your Wedding, Your Way.”

Congratulations for allowing Love to find you and guide you to one another!

Rev. Dana St. Claire and Rev. Scott Larson are delighted to help you create a memorable Wedding Ceremony.  We want it to really hum for the 2 of you ~ lovely and meaningful.  Over Rev. Dana’s nearly 20 years as a Wedding Celebrant, she has written & compiled ‘The Wedding Words’, a collection of words, rich in lovely phrases of tenderness & celebration.  ‘The Wedding Words’ is a treasure chest of Wedding Ceremony possibilities.

Rev. Dana & Rev. Scott are each experienced in creating and officiating wedding ceremonies ~ and  are each pleasant to work with (Bonus!).  As Rev. Dana says, “This is your Ceremony, not my Ceremony.”

Rev. Scott & Rev. Dana are each comfortable with as ‘much God’ or as ‘little God’ as you want in your Ceremony.  Your choice.  We both happily celebrate The Power of The Sacred.  And, we both believe that this is Your Ceremony, and should reflect Spirit in a way that is meaningful for you.  We usually perform Ceremonies individually.  But, we are certainly happy to talk with you about the possibility of ‘co-officiating’, if you would like.  We are also each happy to ‘co-officiate’ with another Minister or Rabbi.

We will travel to the location you have chosen for your Ceremony.

A Very Small or Last Minute Ceremony

Give us a call.  If our schedule allows, we are happy to accommodate your last minute wedding plans.  With a pre-written ceremony, we will come to your location.